Why Wellness Travelers Are Embracing Group Activities

As societies around the world come to appreciate the desire for experiences provided by healthy, active and sustainable travel, wellness tourism has boomed. As a result, a number of wellness retreats now exist that are designed to reduce stress, enhance wellbeing and prevent illness. One type of retreat that is growing in popularity—and worth considering—involves group wellness activities and group coaching. In a 2017 survey, group coaching and training ranked #6 overall in wellness trends. In the same 2018 survey, group activities then climbed to #2. While solo wellness travel also remains quite popular, it is evident that group retreats have significant appeal. And those with group coaching provide some of the greatest benefits for those striving to be at their healthiest. 

Group Coaching Meets Wellness Travel

While group activities have become popular in everyday life, they have also gained a following in wellness travel. Many wellness excursions now involve getaways for like-minded people who are focused on their health and wellbeing. As such, wellness retreats offering group coaching now exist for an array of activities. These include group wellness activities in yoga, meditation, aerobics, dance, and a variety of fitness classes. One of the most popular rising group wellness activities involve fitness bootcamps. Given the number of group retreats in wellness travel today, it’s clear many find this type of vacation attractive. 

Why Are Group Wellness Activities So Popular?

When it comes to group wellness activities, a number of advantages can be identified. By definition, group activities involve more than five participants, and often group coaching is present. The most important advantage of group coaching is access to wellness expertise and guidance. But also, group coaching uses the shared learning environment to improve the results participants attain. By allowing others to share their ongoing experiences, all participants enjoy mutual support. By participating in sharing, they feel a sense of accountability that drives them forward. In this way, group coaching offers notable benefits in achieving wellness goals that many appreciate. 

At the same time, group wellness activities provide an environment that promotes social wellness and connectedness. Holistic health not only involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It also includes social wellness. Group activities invite opportunities to make new friends and to connect with others. And group coaching can help facilitate this while focusing on additional wellness goals. Particularly for those with experience in group coaching, social engagement can be used to encourage other wellness pursuits. For some, this enables them to achieve health goals they might not otherwise have attained. 

The advantages that group coaching and group activities offer in advancing one’s health are significant. Access to health and wellness expertise and social wellness opportunities are perhaps the most important. But a group retreat also offers a less costly way to experience wellness travel. Group hikes and fitness camps tend to cost less per person when compared to other wellness escapes. If these benefits of group travel seem appealing, then you might consider a group wellness escape for your next vacation. Indeed, group coaching and group wellness activities can jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle.

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